Larry Namer

Larry Namer

Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Larry Namer, is a media and entertainment industry veteran with over 50 years of experience. He is best known as the founder of E! Entertainment Network.

Early on in his career, Larry’s keen insights were noticed and soon, as the newly appointed vice president at Manhattan Cable company, he was put in charge of building the first 61 channel two-way interactive cable system in the U.S.. Named by Forbes as the National model for cable programming.

Soon after, Larry, along with his friend and business partner launched E! Entertainment. A few years later E! became the fastest growing network in the world. With broadcasts in over 140 countries and a valuation of $5 billion, Larry had achieved success beyond his dreams.

In time he launched Compspan communications, which launched western entertainment in Russia like never before. Larry brought western shows and musical acts that changed the post soviet Russian TV landscape forever. Larry became a consultant at Microsoft’s Interactive TV. He then launched and became the co-founder of Eurocienma.

In 2009 Larry is brought in as a consultant on media restructuring in China to allow for western advertising standards. There he is offered an opportunity to start the first US/China production company in China.

Later that year Larry launches Metan Global Entertainment Group, a venture created to develop and distribute entertainment content and media specifically for Chinese speaking audiences in China and abroad. Metan and Larry go on to be nominated for the best Asian comedy writer award amongst many other accolades.

Namer is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on new technology and how it is fundamentally altering the business of international media and entertainment.

Among the companies that have enlisted his expertise are Microsoft, Paul Allen’s Digeo, World Digital Media Group (a joint venture of Radio Shack), EchoStar and Sirius Radio network.