Roughly, it is a contract or indent driven securitization made under common law using pass-through securities method similar to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac through an artificial intelligence process software. The difference is that instead of securitizing debt, we securitize assets generating royalties. For details see our book: Intellectual Property Securitization | Intellectual Property Securities (IPLOGY Book 1) | Intellectual Property Securities (ipse.inc)

Intellectual Property Rights as the name indicates. Please see Marc Deschenaux on The Intellectual Property Securities Corp. – YouTube

Geistiges Eigentum - Wertpapiere (IPS) which are of the kind pass-through as indicated.

Each Intellectual Property Owner whether a company or an individual.

We could, but it is not necessary.

Usually, for movies we choose indivision to avoid a movie to be partially licensed. It could be or not for other IPS.

In IPSE and in the securities exchange, in the securities market or at a Registrar.

Each Intellectual Property Securities holder is entered in a Book Entry Registrar, like stock securities.

On the account where the IPS are credited, it is as if the holder had credited a “repeat bank cheque” and the amount of royalties pass-through the IPS on this account.

It depends on the nature of the IP, but usually they are kept under double signature of the issuer and the trustee of securities distribution.

The trustee.

Like for all IPs, the issuer and the Collecting Societies.